Monday, August 9, 2010


Once Radhanath Swami was traveling with a person I know, Ujwal in his car and at a traffic signal some beggars came up to his window. Radhanath Swami asked Ujwal "Do you have some rice puffs or pancakes to give to them?". Ujwal replied "No". Then Radhanath Swami cupped his hands and said "Give me some money". After Ujwal gave the money, Radhanath Swami said to him "Now you give this money to them". As the car drove off, Radhanath Swami said "It is a very humiliating experience to be begging" and then lowering his voice further " It is even more humiliating when you do not give". Then in a mood of instruction and pleading Radhanath Swami said " You must carry some food item like pancakes, rice puffs, grain biscuits etc. And as a last resort you can give money but know well that money may get misused"

Read this incident in detail on this link: Radhanath Swami

Such is the nature of the true spiritualist - who is in union with his own divine nature - he is compassionate towards all living entities, whether they are humans, animals, or insects etc as the true spiritualist knows them all be parts and parcel of the same supreme God. His compassion extends beyond the boundaries of his own caste, country or even species, as these are based on the bodily platform. Spiritual compassion applies to all living entities, as they are spiritual in nature, irrespective of that current bodily conditions are.

Radhanath Swami is a spiritualist like that. When he was 19, as soon as arrived in India after many days of walking on foot and inconceivable troubles on the Pakistan border, a man offered him some meat to eat and he declined it, with tears in his eyes, thinking of the poor animal that must have been slaughtered. Such a compassionate person is dear to all, those who are gentle and those who are ruffians, those who have high levels of intelligence (like humans), and those who do not (animals etc), as such holy people are not envious towards anyone


  1. Its really good lesson to learn from first paragraph while traveling